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Is a telecommunication service provider that offers data services to business and homes using wireless technology. We offer affordable, reliable and speedy internet solution to give our customers peace of mind when they are communicating either for business or social. Communication is a hugely important aspect, not only for people around the world, but also for small and large businesses.

A world without telecommunications would not be possible; society has made itself so used to this type of technology that the world would end up collapsing if it was taken away. The reason for the tremendous growth of telecommunications is because, as people and cities throughout the planet grew, we needed a better way to relay messages between one another.

Operating since 2016, MVM-TECHZONE have gained an understanding of communication to improve better service, to be outstanding against competitors and aiming at expanding this services more at rural/urban areas where there is a shortage of modern technology. We technically speak but we will make sure everyone learn and understand our language and receive the great customer service all the time.

We offer a wide range of services to accommodate individual and business needs, such as Wireless connection, Web hosting, Data recovery, Computer repairs, Network installation/maintenance and CCTV Systems installation.

Wireless Connection

Mobile Broadband WIFI connection
DSL (Capped and Uncapped package)

Web Hosting

Web Design
Domain Registration
Web hosting
Cloud Server

Data Recovery

PC data back-up, transfer and restore
Mobile data back-up, transfer and restore

Computer Repairs

Software maintenance
Hardware maintenance
Virus clean-up


Networking cabling
Network firewalls
VPN set up

CCTV System


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